How It Works

 Personal chefs differ from private chefs.  A private chef is usually full-time employee who lives with a family and prepares all the day's meals. A personal chef serves several clients and prepares multiple meals that can be packaged, stored and enjoyed at the client's leisure and convenience.

 1. Once you contact me by phone or email, I'€™ll arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation at your convenience.  You will be asked about any special diet needs and food preferences, followed by a brief food questionnaire.  I will be able to answer any questions you might have about the service at that time.

2. You will then receive a proposed menu based on your preferences and review it for acceptance, changes, or alternative ideas. Once the menu is approved, a cooking date is scheduled. A grocery deposit is due in advance.

3. On your pre-arranged cooking day, I shop for everything and arrive at your home with all the required groceries. I bring my cookware, knives etc. I will prep and clean your kitchen, prepare all of your meals that day, then package and store them for you to enjoy at your leisure.

4. You will come home to a clean kitchen with custom prepared meals and the delightful aroma of the day's cooking. I will leave your menu with instructions on heating and serving.

Many factors determine how often you utilize this service including the number of family members consuming meals. We'll discuss whether a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or alternative schedule is right for you during your consultation.




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